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El Paso  • Texas • USA
22 years old, 5'1" [155 cm] tall
Single, seeking man 18 - 28

Smart Sassy And A Bit Shy

Hi There! I am Kristin. One of my favorite things to do is read. I enjoy playing computer games, going shopping, and just hanging out. I know, I know, that sounds so typical but I can never seem to just shop for normal things. Somthing always catches my eye that other people wouldn't want. One thing that I like to do is go to the theatre and the Opera. Not many other 21 year olds seemto want to do this. I feel that I am pretty low maintanance but if you feel otherwise Shrugs here) then you need to just like me for who I am. : ) My aunt and I call ourselves power nerds. A nerd who likes and fantasy but if no one knew would blend in perfectly with society) Just a small warning. I have a generally upbeat attitude and am in the process of losing the extra weight I have carried around after graduating from High School. I injured my leg and couldn't participate in sports. I am rehabilitating it so support in that is great. I am currently enrolled in college and getting my degree in History. Well now that you know a little about me, whether good or bad, I shall let you get on with your reading.
What am I looking for? That is a huge question that I have always hated to be asked. I guess one of the most important things would be someone who can compete with me on an intellectual level. That might sound stuck up but I have a hard time opening up to people who aren't my mental equals. Someone who is adventurous and wants to travel to other countries would be great. My ideal guy would be from another country. That is not what I always look for, though. Someone willing to explore the world with me would be just as good. I would love for the person to like the same things that I do. History, Mythology, and Fantasy are a huge part of my life and family. Someone who loves children is a must. I would like to be a mother someday so this has to be on my spouses agenda. A man who is totally wild wouldn't suit me that well. I need someone to balance me out. If you don't like talking alot, then thats just fine. I will fill in the silence once I get to know you. I love romance but don't celebrate Valentines day. Why make one day special when you can do it any time. I am not a touchy feely person. people assume there is something wong with me because I don't like physical contact away from home. I don't know why but I have always been this way. Chivalry and gentlemanly behavior is preferred for me but hard to find in this day and age. I hope that one of you out there mesh well with what I want and I, in turn, mesh with what you want. Hope to talk to you soon!
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