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Korea (South)
18 years old, 6'3" [191 cm] tall
Single, seeking woman 18 - 22


Hi, I'm Kaylin, got surgery to look like g dragon from k-pop Korean pop music group called BigBang. I'm g dragon's clone, G dragon and I share the same stage name which is g dragon. I'm a very bright and strong person Hi, I'm Kaylin, got surgery to look like g dragon from k-pop Korean pop music group called BigBang. I'm g dragon's clone, G dragon and I share the same stage name which is g dragon I'm a very bright and strong person Ftm transgender I'm a singersongwriter, rapper, record producer, co-producer, music director, solo artist, lyricist, pianist, beatboxer, composer, DJ producer, hair, tattoo, makeup, stylist, a photographer, model, and fashion icon Specialties: Rapping, dancing, beat boxing, composing, singing, I speak English. Korean, Japanese, French, Spanish, Chinese, Russian and German, Hobbies: Drawing, arranging musics, singingrapping, making funny expressions. Personality traits: kind of a cheerful guy, I could easily calm myself down. I have a high self-esteem, I'm outgoing, talented, reliable, lovable, and have a strong charisma. and an open book Likes: Fashion, cooking, cake, donuts, dogs, cats I have turtles, fish, 6 dogs, 3 cats, 4 set twins of bearded dragon's, 2 guinea pigs, 4 rats, 2 adopted rescued mice, 5 chickens, 8 geese, 4 pigs, 7 horses, 4 birds, 2 Tarantulas, 2 rescued ferrets, and 1 Bunny I also work for the BigBang, G dragon, YG Entertainment, Style LoveStyle Luv for G dragon's sister Kwon Dami's online fashion store I like to travel the world, perform, do shows, meet new fans, connect with them and make music I'm a very bright and strong person with a bright personality a person with positive self-esteem I'm the type of person who's well-made, calm, settle, sexy and high quality Three words that describe me Loyal, Kindhearted and Romantic
My ideal type is a girl whos like a cat. I like girls who look have both looks and personalities like cats. Im attracted to girls who run away when I try to catch them, but approach me and throw themselves in my arms when I stop trying. Someone I can lean on. Someone who can control me from above? I like girls who are fierce and strong. At least when Im in love, I want to be able to have someone to lean on and rest with. I like women who cook well, and have much knowledge in other fields that I am not familiar with. Its important that I feel comfortable around her. In the past, I used to have a detailed vision of what my ideal woman would be like for example, someone with short hair and a tomboyish style. But these days, its just someone who Im comfortable with and doesnt act fake around me. This is a little too vague but I like girls with good sense. If you think about it, thats a pretty hard thing. Even when youre wearing a piece of clothing, it should have good sense and even when you say a word, it should sound like you have a good sense. Just like a really fashionable girl with a good sense? Those kinds of girls know how to take care of themselves and are usually nice to others. I think they also look smart. - I want someone who can cook well. I want her to be capable in many things. Because other than music. I don't know how to do anything else. So I want to be able to learn from her. I want a model because they work hard in the things they do.
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