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Welcome Dear Surfer and thank you for stopping by!

When we say that MatchDirect.com is different it's more then just a marketing statement to fool you into becoming a member. Sure, we only compare Match Direct to other 100% free dating/matchmaking sites. Let us start off by saying that majority of dating/matchmaking sites operate in a very similar manner: You create a free profile, browse other members and if the site is 100% free you may even contact for free.

Now let's get to the Nitty-Gritty of the difference:

We do not post fake profiles and we remove inactive ones.
Why would any one post fake profiles? There are at least several common reasons for that.
Most common: For startups where there are no members yet it's unfortunately a very attractive path to take. You see it's like catch 22 - no members - no one wants to join and so on. So it goes.
The second reason is the male to female ratio (M/F). We believe that it is from 2/1 to up to 5/1 industry wide. Even if some sites claim that they have close to 50/50 ratio we would still recommend to take it with a grain of salt.
Third reason is uneven age representation. For example female teens are more in demand and less presented then male teens. Obviously the easiest "correction" is to create some "extra" female profiles.
There are definitely more reasons then those that were discussed. We proudly refused those pathetic practices and we are growing fast enough remaining honest.
Number of site members that is advertised as the most important commodity by most of the dating/matchmaking sites is overrated! Are we crazy? No! The most important is the number of active members not the total. What is the use of 1 years old profile or older? It does add to the numbers but it is useless. The person could be already married, changed email address, forgot about the profile altogether. The problem is that most of dating sites never purge "dead" profiles because they are "too valuable". What does it meant to an average surfer? Frustration. You contact a member and there are no response. According to our research - this is the most common ground for the disbelieve that online dating works in general. What we do is obvious - if a profile shows no activity for a certain period of time we remove it.

We process every single picture manually!
Attention span of an average web surfer is measured in seconds! We know this for a fact and we want you to know it too. So what is the way to grab and hold one's attention? Internet is a visual medium - presentation is the key. It other words: for successful online dating - having pictures posted is a must.
So what do we do different? We do something that is rarely if ever offered by any dating/matchmaking site. We manually resize, crop, enhance, color correct, sharpen, brighten them for you to look your best. This is a lot of work! We want you to get maximum attention, we want you to succeed. This service is provided FREE of charge.

Each profile is checked for authenticity, fraud, profanity and offensive content.
No site no matter what it claims can guarantee full authenticity check. It is way too complicated and definitely not free. We do not provide 100% authenticity check neither we guarantee it but we have our tools.
Among them is IP address check. If you are not familiar with this term let us explain what it is. In a very simple way IP address is like a phone number that is assigned to every computer on the Internet. Knowing the IP address however does not reveal a person's name, home address or a credit card but indicates a general location (up to a city level). We have a world-wide IP data base that is continuously updated. If member's profile location is USA and our IP check shows Nigeria we consider this profile to be fraudulent and it's terminated. If we register continuous fraudulent activities from the same IP or a group of IPs we block them permanently. By permanently we mean our site will become absolutely inaccessible for them.
About profanity and offensive content. We do take this very seriously. We treat all our members with respect and demand the same. We have absolutely no tolerance for hate, racism, vulgarity or pornography. MatchDirect.com is not an unsupervised "everything goes" kind of site! Every profile is personally checked on submission. During the signup most common offensive words are blocked and a profile is not allowed to be posted until the issues is properly corrected. The same restriction is used throughout the email and messaging system.
Not only vulgar, offensive or explicit pictures are not appropriate but also they're a definite ground for a profile termination. We also use random profile check and scan entire site for use of inappropriate content.

Yes, It's true we are a family that wouldn't exist if not for a site like this.
We met on a site just like this one. MatchDirect.com a family operated business with all the traditional values. We see this site not only to be our business but also a contribution to a society. If it worked so well for us it may as well work for you too.. Create a free profile
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